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Recruiting Services

We don’t fill positions. We create careers and long term relationships.

recruitment820pxSalesUP is a Washington DC based recruiting company with clients and resources located throughout the US. We have developed a unique methodology / strategy of matching the right candidates for the right positions and firms.

Our success rate is based on a complete and thorough understanding of your company, industry, and culture. We don’t fill positions… we create careers and long-term relationships. This can only happen through successful placements time and time again.

SalesUP resources include an extensive internal candidate database, international sourcing, industry sourcing experts, and an extensive research and development team.

The SalesUP rate structure is based on long term hiring partnerships and not one offs. You will find our rates to be about half of our competition for two reasons:

1. We don’t want our fee to deter your company from hiring additional people
2. We want to be a partner in your firm’s long term hiring strategy